Insurance companies require patients to pay in full for physical therapy evaluations and follow up treatment sessions until their deductibles are met. This can cost patients $400.00 per session if the patient has not met their deductible, and in turn a coinsurance is usually required until reaching the out of pocket maximum. Part of the reason the cost of care is so high through insurance is due to the lowering reimbursement rates for services across the board, forcing those who have not met their deductibles to struggle with access to physical therapy services.

We use the term “cash based” to separate ourselves from the insurance model. This separation allows us to provide the care you “want” not just the care you “need”. What does this mean? Insurance will only approve services which are deemed “medically necessary” and will only pay for select treatments, which may limit the decision making power of the therapist. With rising deductibles, P3 is able to keep costs more affordable for patients while providing a higher standard of care.

***We utilize visit packages and payment plans to keep care even more affordable, allowing you to decide the timing of your payments for maximum financial flexibility***

We accept health savings accounts (HSA), flexible spending accounts (FSA), cash, all major credit cards, and Care Credit

Peak Physiotherapy and Performance
5209 Ebright Rd, Suite 1
Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110


Physical Therapy Clinic , Canal Winchester

5209 Ebright Rd, Suite 1
Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110

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