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“We Help Active Adults & Athletes in Canal Winchester Recover From Injury, Stop Pain & Train During Rehab Without Giving Up CrossFit, Sports, Weightlifting, or an Active Lifestyle”

When an injury keeps you sidelined, the road to recovery can seem to be filled with stops and starts. At times, you may wonder if you will ever return to your former self, even though you desperately want to work out again or be able to live without pain.

At Peak Physiotherapy and Performance (P3), we understand your frustration and are committed to helping you reach your health and fitness goals. Whether your situation is due to injury, post-surgery, or some other condition, P3 provides top-notch physical therapy in Canal Winchester that focuses on treating the source of your pain without resorting to painkillers, injections or unnecessary surgery.And what’s more, many athletes can continue to train while in physical therapy. Don’t let pain stop you from doing what you love.

What makes P3 a unique physical therapy experience in Canal Winchester? Besides the way we care for our patients with a laser-like focus on discovering and treating your problem, in general, we take a different approach to your well-being.

  • Specific treatment approach – Since we are keenly focused on providing accurate diagnoses, we can find the source of pain more quickly, allowing many clients to find relief in a few visits. That means less time spent in pain, less time spent in therapy, and more time doing what you love!
  • Avoid traditional ‘treatments’ such as drugs and surgery – Many therapies are only quick fixes or keep you dependent on drugs that can lose effectiveness over time. Since we actually treat your issue, you don’t have to worry about drug side effects or possible surgical complications.
  • Educate our patients – We offer many free resources that individuals can access even before becoming a patient of our office. And after deciding to receive physical therapy at P3, we continue patient education so you can make the best decisions for your health.
  • Natural healing philosophy – We use our treatment methods to work in combination with your body’s healing abilities.
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Free Phone Consultation

If you are not quite ready to book an appointment with P3, but you have some questions or would like to discuss your problem then we would love to chat! At P3, we want you to be 100% sure that we can help you solve your problem! Please click the button below and fill out the short form to speak to Dr. Junak and have all of your questions answered. 

Free Injury Inquiry

We understand that it’s normal to be “unsure” if P3 is the right fit for you. It could be that you are not sure if we can solve your problem, what treatments we provide or you maybe you had a bad experience at another clinic. If that sounds like you then please click the button below and fill out the short form. We will contact you for a 10-15 minute in-person consultation. 

Many people come to Peak Physiotherapy and Performance due to jaw painback painknee painshoulder pain, and neck pain. The P3 physical therapy clinic in Canal Winchester specializes in treating orthopedic, sports, and CrossFit injuries. The team of therapists led by Dr. Junak provides the relief you need through a variety of evidence-based approaches.

After your initial in-depth evaluation, the therapist will determine the techniques best suited for your situation. This entails the use of a combination of methods to address your pain effectively. Below are practices used in our physical therapy office.

  • Corrective exercise – This technique is used to treat several conditions, including headaches, back pain, and neck pain. By performing specific movements, it works to strengthen weak areas in the muscles and joints. Corrective exercise is typically combined with other treatment methods to increase its effectiveness. It is also used by the patient at home for pain management.
  • Joint manipulation – Our therapists perform joint manipulation using targeted movements that allow the body’s natural healing processes to work. Joint manipulation is useful for muscles that are tight or stiff. This method is especially helpful for treating pain in the back, neck, shoulder, knee, and elbow. It is also used in combination with other treatments such as corrective exercise.
  • Cupping therapy – This approach has similar effects as soft tissue massage. At P3, we use a dynamic cupping process that increases blood flow to the treatment area. By not leaving the cups in a fixed position for long periods of time it produces less bruising and a more comfortable experience. Primarily used to treat muscle tension and soreness, cupping assists with conditions such as tendonitis, knee sprains, and sciatica. Cupping is also used with other methods to augment pain relief.
  • Dry needling – This technique uses small needles to target knots in the muscles that cause pain and impair muscle and joint functioning. Dry needling is used to successfully treat many issues such as neck pain, jaw pain, frozen shoulder, and disc herniations. Like our other approaches, dry needling is used together with other methods to enhance healing.

Dry Needling Therapy

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Corrective Exercise

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Joint Manipulation

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Physical Therapy Differential Diagnosis

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blood flow restriction training with squats

Blood Flow Restriction Training

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Cupping Therapy

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Vestibular Therapy

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At Peak Physiotherapy and Performance we pride ourselves and meeting our patients where they are in their journey to greater health and wellness. Our goal is provide the BEST outcome at all times to get you back to doing what you love. 

Here is what patients are saying about our physical therapy clinic in Canal Winchester, Ohio:

Honest WorksHonest Works

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Drew and Dr. Cody! I recommend them all the time to other people. I started seeing Dr. Drew for TMJ after just band-aiding the problem with orthodontics and chiropractics. My jaw would lock, eating soft food was unbearable at times and I would get intense pain in my temples and jaw. The exercises he gave me were simple yet life changing. I had around 6 sessions and the symptoms have stayed away for nearly two years. If I notice I’m clenching my jaw too much, I repeat the exercises and avoid a flare up. I have been treated by both doctors and they are truly caring and very knowledgeable. They take time to explain what’s going on in your body, what they are doing to treat it and why it works. They are also honest about what lies within their scope of practice and aren’t too proud to refer you to another trusted specialist if that is what’s best for you. I ended up starting treatment for hip impingement and got referred to a wonderful pelvic floor therapist when my body wasn’t responding to treatment. Dr. Drew didn’t want to waste my money and I appreciated his honesty. Schedule an appointment, put in the work and you will see results!

Maria McCarthyMaria McCarthy

After a bad back episode I was referred to Dr. Junak by my nephew. Dr. J called me immediately and spent time talking through my injury to better understand how he could help me. After my first visit to his office he had a specific plan for me so I could feel better. It was amazing!! Within 2 weeks I was feeling so much better and was moving/walking virtually pain free. I have continued with all of the exercises on my own and can proudly say that I have not experienced any back issues for over a year now. Thank you Dr. J for your expert knowledge and execution!!! He is a lifesaver!!!

Michelle CMichelle C

I am happy that I choose to work with Dr Billings at P3. He knows his stuff and was able to provide me with the proper exercises to help in getting my strength back after I had fallen in the ice/snow in February. I just wish I had gone in sooner to work thru my injury. The knowledge that Cody and Andrew have and share with their patients is invaluable. They make sure their patients understand how the injury impacts not just where it hurts but how it is connected to other areas that end up over compensating for your injury. You will not be disappointed on the service you receive. Thanks Dr Billings for all your help!

Shelby MathiasShelby Mathias

I reached out to P3 for back pain while lifting, and Cody was so helpful! He was super easy to work with and made me feel comfortable at each session. I am now pain free after just a few weeks worth of sessions and it’s crazy how just a few different exercises can make such a huge impact. I highly recommend Cody and P3!

At the end of the day, you want results. You want relief from pain and the ability to return to your active lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve tried other physical therapy offices in Canal Winchester, and you were disappointed because you only received a temporary solution to your problem. Or perhaps you have never been to therapy but are looking for something that can get you back to feeling like yourself again.

Speak to a doctor at Peak Physiotherapy and Performance via a free consultation. We offer telehealth options for your convenience. And we’re sure you’ll immediately notice the difference in how we care for our patients. Contact us today; there’s no need to suffer in pain a day longer.

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