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Are You Looking For Physical Therapy In Columbus, Ohio?

“We Help Active Adults & Athletes in Columbus Recover From Injury, Stop Pain & Train During Rehab Without Giving Up CrossFit, Sports, Weightlifting, or an Active Lifestyle”

Getting back to doing what you enjoy can seem like a struggle if you’ve had an accident or you’re experiencing reduced mobility. How do you find the solution that will get you back in the gym or on the court? At Peak Physiotherapy and Performance (P3), we are committed to helping you to achieve your goals quickly and safely. If you’re looking for exceptional physical therapy in Columbus, the therapists at P3 will effectively treat your condition while offering solutions for pain management. We provide physical therapy that keeps you training during rehab.

At P3, our customer service and individualized treatment set us apart from other physical therapy offices in Columbus. That is because we genuinely care about the patients we treat. We seek to educate our clients through the many patient resources we offer. We want you to have the knowledge to make the best decisions for your health.

We specialize in a variety of conditions, and our philosophy is based on helping your body to heal itself naturally. In assessing your situation, we use different diagnostic tools to uncover the cause of your pain so we can develop an effective method of treatment. We don’t merely focus on the symptoms to provide temporary relief. We treat the actual source, giving you real results that keep you moving forward. That means less time spent in pain, less time spent in therapy, and more time doing what you love!

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If you are not quite ready to book an appointment with P3, but you have some questions or would like to discuss your problem then we would love to chat! At P3, we want you to be 100% sure that we can help you solve your problem! Please click the button below and fill out the short form to speak to Dr. Junak and have all of your questions answered. 

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We understand that it’s normal to be “unsure” if P3 is the right fit for you. It could be that you are not sure if we can solve your problem, what treatments we provide or you maybe you had a bad experience at another clinic. If that sounds like you then please click the button below and fill out the short form. We will contact you for a 10-15 minute in-person consultation. 

Dr. Junak and his team at P3 offers comprehensive physical therapy in Columbus, Ohio. Whether you are experiencing back painknee painshoulder pain, neck pain, or some other issue, they can provide the relief you need. After making the appropriate diagnosis, the therapist will make recommendations and get you started on a plan that will have you on the road back to your active lifestyle. Depending on your precise circumstance, a single method or a combination of approaches may be used to target the source of your concern.

Our physical therapy clinic in Columbus employs varying practices in treating your pain: 

Corrective exercise is a technique that helps to increase range of motion and reduce stiffness. Therefore, it can be used to treat a variety of conditions, such as headaches, back pain, and neck pain. And the exercises can be done at home to increase the effectiveness and assist in pain management. 

Joint manipulation is used to assist in the healing of painful, stiff joints. This method can be used in combination with other therapies to help relieve the pain associated with issues like tendinitis, frozen shoulder, and plantar fasciitis. 

Cupping therapy is used to decrease muscle tension. Specifically, for athletes, it can be useful for muscle recovery. It is also highly effective at treating problems such as headaches, rotator cuff pain, and knee sprains when combined with other treatment modalities. 

Dry needling uses thin needles to reduce muscle tightness and enhance joint mobility. If you have sciatica, muscle strain, or hip impingement, dry needling along with other methods, can help to alleviate your pain.

Dry Needling Therapy

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Corrective Exercise

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