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Corey GolecCorey Golec

I came to Dr Drew with pinched nerves causing pain in my left arm and shoulder that I couldn’t get under control. Within a few weeks of visits, he had me feeling better and knowing what I needed to do to manage any flare ups until they were gone. As luck would have it, I also ended up with a minor rotator cuff tear not long after in the same shoulder. Dr Drew to the rescue! One of the hardest parts about finding a good medical professional is feeling like more than just another patient. With Drew you can tell he cares about every person who walks through his door. He learns about you and genuinely cares about your well being. He runs his practice with absolute confidence and pride in what he does and I’d recommend him above anyone else.

Katie JablonkaKatie Jablonka

Drew was great to work with! Very knowledgeable and patient as he helped my teenage son work thru and injury and come out stronger! Would recommend Drew to anyone needing physical therapy!!

Ian HeastonIan Heaston

Andrew rehabbed me through several different injuries and has never made me stop training. He gets you feeling better and gives to the tools to continue to improve at home without having to continually see him. He has so much knowledge to share and gets me results every time

Austin ParkerAustin Parker

I've been dealing with what I have called a "Ghost shoulder" since having surgey in 2018. I recently moved from Colorado to Ohio and saw 3 different physical therapists and 1 personal trainer over the last 5/6 years to correct but never had success. Then I found Peak Physiotherapy and Dr Andrew. I was shook during my intake appointment, Drew quickly found the issue (pinched nerve in my back) and developed a plan of correction. Pricing was extremely reasonable and even offering several different financing options, if needed. During my session, Drew LISTENED to me and my symptoms. He pushed me, he corrected my form, recorded my exercises for easy refreshing at home of "what do i do again?" everything to literally set me up for success in my recovery. Hes personable, gets to know you just setting the standard so high for medical professionals - All of this, he listens, cares and loves what he does. 13/10 would recommend over and over again. WHEN, I inevitably injure myself again, I already know exactly whom I will call.


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