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What Our Patients Say


… I suffered from intense jaw pain, which radiated through my face, head, neck, and even back! I’ve used various pain relievers, night guards, day guards and anything else a dentist would recommend, until one day…”


“…I could barely open my jaw and the last time my jaw is back to normal. He provide excellent exercises to help. I would recommend him for any type of therapy.”


“I went and saw Drew a few months back for problems with TMJ on a recommendation from my dentist. I wanted to wait to write my review to see how the results would last afterwards, and my jaw pain and clicking is still relieved even after months of not having an appointment.”


“I’ve never felt better after going to P3! I’ve had TMJ for the last 10+ years with an extremely loud and painful popping sound on one side.”


Dr. Drew made me feel comfortable and valued during his care. The nicest guy! Saw him for jaw pain but if I every have any issues again he will be the first doctor I call..Thanks again!”

Our Approach to TMJ Treatment

TMJ effects various areas of the head, neck and back. Due its complexity and the need to treat each area cohesively, there are very few providers who are capable of giving their patients long lasting results!

Our experience has led us to develop a method for pinpointing the key trigger points that when released are able to allow the jaw and effected areas to resume their natural movement patterns. Thus, allowing patients to move and chew pain free.

Got a TMJ treatment question for our Docs?

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