Balance Training and Fall Prevention



When combined with these other treatment methods, it assists in reducing pain, improving overall balance and preventing falls. The goal of our balance and falls prevention program is to focus on keeping your lower body strong, strengthen your core and walk without falling.

Something For Everyone!

We specialize in a variety of conditions, and our philosophy is based on helping your body to heal itself naturally. In assessing your situation, we use different diagnostic tools to uncover the cause of your pain so we can develop an effective method of treatment. We don’t merely focus on the symptoms to provide temporary relief. We treat the actual source, giving you real results that keep you moving forward. That means less time spent in pain, less time spent in therapy, and more time doing what you love!


Dr. Junak and his team at P3 offers comprehensive physical therapy in Canal Winchester, Ohio. Whether you are experiencing back painknee painshoulder pain, neck pain, or balance issues, we can provide the relief you need. After making the appropriate diagnosis, the therapist will make recommendations and get you started on a plan that will have you on the road back to your active lifestyle. Depending on your precise circumstance, a single method or a combination of approaches may be used to target the source of your concern.


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