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Are You Looking For Physical Therapy In Pickerington, Ohio?

“We Help Active Adults & Athletes in Columbus Recover From Injury, Stop Pain & Train During Rehab Without Giving Up CrossFit, Sports, Weightlifting, or an Active Lifestyle”

If you are an active adult, an injury can be devastating. Injuries can cause you great pain that hinders your performance, or stops you from doing what you enjoy altogether. Being in such a position can leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless. At Peak Physiotherapy and Performance (P3), we know your greatest desire is to get back to doing what you love. We understand how to help you get there quickly and safely. Additionally, we acknowledge that finding the right professional to help you reach your goals is no easy task. However, if you’re looking for physical therapy in Pickerington for finding and treating the source of your pain, P3 is a first-rate physical therapy clinic.

When you are seeking physical therapy services, you want RESULTS. Whether it’s pain relief or improving range of motion to take your skill to the next level. Our physical therapy in Pickerington focuses on providing you with an accurate diagnosis to achieve the outcomes you desire. And what’s more, you can train while you’re in therapy!

Our doctors take the time to give you a comprehensive assessment, so we can pinpoint your problem rather than using a band-aid approach to treatment that never really gets to the root cause. And because we believe it is important for our patients to be knowledgeable about their healthcare decisions, we make educating those we treat a priority.

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If you are not quite ready to book an appointment with P3, but you have some questions or would like to discuss your problem then we would love to chat! At P3, we want you to be 100% sure that we can help you solve your problem! Please click the button below and fill out the short form to speak to Dr. Junak and have all of your questions answered. 

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We understand that it’s normal to be “unsure” if P3 is the right fit for you. It could be that you are not sure if we can solve your problem, what treatments we provide or you maybe you had a bad experience at another clinic. If that sounds like you then please click the button below and fill out the short form. We will contact you for a 10-15 minute in-person consultation. 

Peak Physiotherapy and Performance is recognized as the physical therapy solution that allows you to keep training during rehab. So, if you are in Pickerington and need help to recover from an injury or resolve pain that you have been experiencing for some time, it is not only possible, but it is also achievable without giving up sports or your active lifestyle.

At P3, we employ three easy steps to begin working with you as our patient. First, we get to know about your problem via a free phone consultation. Second, we make an informed diagnosis of your condition. And third, we develop an individualized treatment plan.

Our philosophy at P3 is based on the belief that your body has natural healing abilities. We use our therapies to work in combination with your body’s capacity for healing, to maximize your results. To that end, we employ several different approaches that are evidence-based and specific for your situation.

  • Corrective Exercise – This technique is useful for nearly all conditions. It uses movements and positions to enhance muscle function. Specifically, corrective exercise strengthens the weak areas in the muscles and joints that are causing the pain. When this method is combined with other approaches, it is particularly effective for alleviating headaches, tendonitis, back painas well as a range of other issues.
  • Joint Manipulation – Physical therapists use movements to selectively assist in the healing of painful muscles and joints. Joint manipulation is combined with other methods to treat pain in areas such as the neck, shoulder, elbow, and hip.
  • Cupping Therapy – Cupping is performed by attaching cups to specific areas of the body. The vacuum effect of this process increases blood flow to the treatment area and decreases muscle tension. Cupping is useful for treating various types of knee pain, rotator cuff pain, and sciatica, especially when combined with other techniques.
  • Dry Needling – This method uses thin needles to target knots in the muscles that are causing pain. Through combining this technique with other approaches, dry needling successfully reduces muscle tightness and increases joint mobility, alleviating many conditions such as jaw pain, groin pain, and disc herniations.

Dry Needling Therapy

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