Joint Manipulation is a type of passive movement of a joint, using high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) maneuvers. The technique is used to target stiff and painful joints which are contributing to the “cause” of injury in order to achieve a therapeutic effect. Joint Manipulation is an effective treatment method for relieving pain, improving joint range of motion, alleviating muscle tightness and treating joint stiffness.

Joint Manipulation is most effective when utilized with a combination of corrective exercise, dry needling, or cupping. When combined with these other treatment methods, joint manipulation assists in naturally healing: headaches, tendonitis, back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, hip impingement, groin pain, patellofemoral pain, plantar fasciitis, slipped ribs, sciatica, and disc herniations.

Joint Manipulation is often associated with the production of a “pop” or “click” sound. The sound is referred to a phenomenon known as cavitation. When a joint is manipulated, the speed of forces place stretch on the joint surfaces creating a reduction of pressure within the joint. With the reduction of pressure, gases within the joint create a bubble or cavity. The bubble or cavity then collapses and creates a “popping” sound. Modern practice and research has moved away from the idea that the “pop” causes joints to realign.





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