The deadlift is the topic of today’s conversation and we are going to explain why it is actually a great exercise to use for rehabilitation and staying fit! The bad rap it has comes from the online content or its correlation to functional tasks that caused you or someone you know pain. So here is the truth about “Are deadlifts bad for your low back?”

Are Deadlifts Bad? “That canNOT be good for you!”

Before you go swearing off the deadlift forever or never trying it let’s start with some basic concepts of strength training. As with any lifting program, technique, or exercise there is an inherent risk associated with it. Whether that’s bicep curls or a good old back squat, each exercise can be done poorly, un-trained, or in a manner that may put you at risk for injury. But we agree, those videos people post of poor form with deadlifts are scary and they do look like they hurt, OR are going to soon! Another pillar to the belief that deadlifts are bad come from their direct correlation to a functional task most of us do every day – picking up stuff off the ground. Now, we have all had a back tweak from bending over in a weird way. Some medical professionals used to actually recommend NOT bending or limiting bending forever after a back injury! While the goal was to alleviate the aggravating factor, you ONE, cannot limit/avoid bending totally no matter how hard you try ,and TWO, that makes your quality of life much more difficult and teaches your body/brain fear avoidance. Science and best practice guidelines do not support these stances!


Deadlifts Aren’t So Bad… “So WHY is it good?”

If you do have an injury to your back, sure a deadlift may not be the best place to start. But why we like to use it in rehab and more professionals should be for two reasons. One, it is functional (meaning you need to do it in your day to day life) and two, it works so many posterior chain muscles – so more bang for your buck! Think of using the deadlift as practice for the “GAME” of life. As cliche as that sounds, it’s true. You want to help your friends move, you want to be able to carry the groceries, etc. all with ease! In terms of muscles used and strengthened, it hits your glutes, hamstrings, low back muscles, upper back muscles, and the list goes on. There are so many benefits to the deadlift when done right!


Ready To Deadlift? “Okay, you got me, I’ll do it!”

If you’re on board now, but not sure where to start, keep reading. Start with form and light weight. Doing so will make your deadlift more smooth and efficient which leads to faster strength gains! The other easy way to start is to start light and progress slowly, because your posterior chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s not to scare you, that’s to remind you to let all pieces progress in strength at the rate they can. This will be different for everyone regardless of training and demographics. Just as it uses a lot of muscles, you have got to work those same muscles individually as well. 

Deadlifts Are Bad For Your Low Back… NOT!

When it comes to a great exercise that is the deadlift. It is functional, efficient for working many muscles, and can be worked into any program. If you have a question, had a medical professional tell you not to deadlift, or have been avoiding bending for days, months or years give us a call or visit our website.

If you think you are too old to work out, use weights or unsure of where to start? Let’s see how you feel after our next post!

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