Time and time again we see Instagram Reels, TikToks, or Youtube Shorts that all blame Low Back Pain on having a WEAK CORE! Next thing you know, you have bought their programming for 6 months and two 40 minute phone calls, but it doesn’t help your back pain at all. What we know and the research shows is that core strength may not have as much to do with low back pain as initially thought. What we do know is that doing something new or something your spine is not used to can cause some back pain. 

Something new, nothing core

For example, we all know someone or have been that person who starts working out A LOT. Usually performing a lift that we haven’t done that often, AKA the deadlift, and with more repetitions can lead to some back pain. That is not because of a weak core, it is more than likely caused by the introduction of a new activity with less than favorable preparedness. Another alternative is moving the weight up too fast too soon, granted we want progressive loading in the gym, just not a crazy amount each time. Completing gradual overload will bulletproof your back more than anything else. We always want our capacity to be able to withstand the volume we put it through. 

Low back pain treatments don’t look the same

Another reason a weak core is not the main culprit when in regards to low back pain, comes from the way we treat some low back injuries. If every low back injury was due to people having a weak core then our treatments would all look the same. Instead we use a variety of methods and tools in order to get you back to moving faster and better. Different combinations of directional preference, exercise, mobility work, and even some soft tissue work are all ways we keep your low back pain treatment specific to you. 

Struggling with a weak core or low back pain?

Now,  let’s not get confused, having a strong core is not a bad thing and it may have some preventative effects to low back pain. If you have low back pain and have lien working on your core strength for awhile, nine times out of ten doing more is not going to fix it. Low back pain can be tricky and there is not a one-size fits all solution. Seeking the help of a health professional who specializes in the spine can get you pain free and then continuing to strengthen your core.

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