Our bodies are designed in a way that they can initiate the healing process with only proper nutrition and treatment methods. This means that interventions such as surgery should only be considered when all other methods have failed. Not to mention, there is a long recovery time you will be forced to endure.

Physical therapy serves as one of the most convenient and noninvasive approaches. A physical therapist will help to customize a therapy program that will alleviate your condition. At the same time, they are ensuring you are able to regain your health and overall well-being. However, not all physical therapists specialize in keeping patients away from surgery. That’s why you should seek out the best physical therapy in Columbus, Ohio to solve your problem. Here, we look at the benefits of physical therapy with Peak Physiotherapy and Performance and why you should prioritize working with a physical therapist before considering more surgery, injections, or pain medication .

Reducing Inflammation

Many injuries result in inflammations. If left unattended, this can lead to immobility, redness of tissue, high levels of pain or swelling. Over time, it can cause damage to the muscles, tendons joints and other surrounding tissues. Our physical therapists at Peak Physiotherapy and Performance  can help to reduce inflammation by using a combination of hands on treatment and exercises. This can, in turn, reduce pain and improve mobility. If proper care and treatment are undertaken, you will recover well without having to go through unnecessary surgeries.

Managing Muscle, Tendon, Ligament, and Joint Pain

Musculoskeletal pain affects bone, ligament, tendon, muscle, and joints. It is something that athletes and sports persons experience in their competitive careers. Lower back pain, which happens to be one of the most common types of musculoskeletal pain, has the potential to slow down your career. Rather than wait for it to worsen, visiting a physical therapist will help to identify the problem in its early stages. Additionally, sprains and strains are an equally common occurrence among athletes. Physical therapists possess the expertise to treat minor and major injuries ranging from tendinitis to partial tendon or muscle tears. This can also help you avoid invasive operations. Early intervention by a physical therapist from P3 can treat injuries without causing any harm to your overall well-being.

Our Doctors use sophisticated tools to stretch muscle tendons, improve mobility, relieve joint pain, and reduce inflammation. The fact that all this happens without subjecting you to surgery makes it a preferable method of dealing with these issues.

Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

P3 can help you go a long way in improving balance and joint stability. We will prescribe exercises that challenge your ability to support yourself. These exercises also work to improve your coordination, which is critical in preventing falls. For instance, a problem may be caused by an issue in the vestibular system. A therapist has the knowledge to employ appropriate maneuvers to alleviate vertigo, dizziness, and in the process, make the system function normally. If you can successfully regain balance and prevent falls through physical therapy, invasive surgeries can be avoided.

Improving Athletic and Sports Performance

At P3, our physical therapists use a combination of measures and tests to assess the physical ability of athletes while identifying points of weakness. We also evaluate functional problems such as thoracic spine dysfunction and muscular timing.  This information is used to improve athletic performance. As musculoskeletal specialists, our physical therapists possess the knowledge to rectify physical issues that are likely to inhibit the performance of athletes. In the end, they also save them from suffering injuries that can lead to surgeries.

Injury Prevention From Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic injuries have the potential to end your career as an athlete, especially if left unattended. Prevention of these injuries is key in ensuring you are able to continue being a competitive athlete. A skilled physical therapist will guide you on how to go about safeguarding your well-being to keep these injuries away.

Whether you are experiencing back pain, have inflammations, or want to improve your balance, our physical therapy can really help you recover without going through surgeries.

The Best Physical Therapy in Columbus, Ohio

At P3, we specialize in helping people recover from injuries and manage pain without having to give up their normal lives. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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