The secrets are out and the tea is piping hot. In our day to day we come across certain beliefs and experiences with patients that are outdated, with new information not supporting some of the claims told to them by other healthcare professionals. Granted, these health professionals are not trying to cause harm or not provide the adequate care that their patients need. The reason P3 is going to shed some new light on these topics is due these beliefs hindering the recovery process and creating a negative stigma around a person’s body and its resiliency. You are stronger than you know. 

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Myths!

Welcome to Mythbusting 101! 

In this series we will cover the following topics:

  1. My XYZ is out of Alignment.”
  2. “I have popping/cracking in my (insert joint) when I (insert activity).”
  3. “I Have These Painful Knots That Need to be Broken Up.”
  4. “I Will Never Deadlift Again.”
  5. “I’m Too Old For That.”
  6. “I NEED to Fix my Posture!”


Sounds heavy right? Our job as physical therapists is to lessen these burdens that research and theories used to support. They are ingrained in some medical professionals’ diagnoses and rationale when helping patients. Each article will discuss the origins of these statements/theories as well as what new information/findings are being proven today. We are trying to demonstrate and explain how these no longer apply to what we know about the strong and sturdy human body. Not only do we treat your injury, we help recreate the robust and active human you are meant to be. Movement is medicine and WE are your providers. If any of these struck a chord with you, stay tuned, and give us a call if you are ready to change your life! Also feel free to check out our website for more information about who we are and who we serve.

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